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Durability of the gke metal Helix-PCDs for the
Bowie-Dick Simulation test and Batch Monitoring System (BMS)

The shelf life of the gke metal Helix Process Challenge Device (PCD) for the BowieDick Simulation (BDS) test and Batch Monitoring Systems (BMS) will last for more than 500 sterilization cycles if used in accordance with the directions for use.

However the silicon connector and the tube have to be in perfect condition. In case of a blocked tube or leakage, replacement of the PCD is required. Damaged silicon connectors can be exchanged with new ones included in each start-up kit or can be ordered separately (art-no. 200-106). For easy installation please put the silicon connector in wash petrol for approximately two minutes and then connect the PCD with the tube. After ten hours the PCD will be ready for use again.

Instead of replacing any parts of the Helix-PCD we recommend to exchange it with a Compact-PCD