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Temperature measurement using data loggers

1. Introduction

Some service technicians try to determine the successful steam penetration inside hollow devices by temperature measurement in the hollow instruments. This method is suitable to test the steam penetration of porous loads (e.g. BD-cotton pack). However it is impossible to transfer this approach to hollow instruments as demonstrated by the following measurements.

2. Material and Methods

As a test object a stainless steel tube of 1 m length with an inner diameter of 6 mm and a wall thickness of 0,5 mm has been used. A biological indicator (spore strip) is placed at the end of the tube and the tube is closed with a silicone plug. The plug is cut in the middle and a thermocouple element is put through it and fixed at the biological indicator. Another thermocouple element is fixed at the outside wall on a level with the biological indicator. A third thermocouple element is recording the chamber temperature.
3. Test Procedure

Test cycle 1