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What’s New in DataTrace Pro ?

  • A new reporting engine which allows the creation of custom report templates, including new display options, types of calculations, pass / fail evaluations, cover page and signature line options, multiple methods for creating studies, selecting specific data ranges or loggers, and new tools for the efficient creation of phases or sub-summaries.
  • The ability to organize loggers by creating groups, studies, or assigning ID tags to individual loggers.
  • The ability to assign loggers a separate ID tag for each measured parameter.
  • Alarm configuration and control, including high or low types, fault detection, calibration-due warnings, alarm reporting, email notification, alarm acknowledgement, escalation, and commenting.
  • New automated calibration utility interfaces with different temperature references, baths or dry-wells and allows for pre- or post-process calibration verification or adjustment using multiple user defined set-points and parameters.
  • New MS SQL/Server Express database allows direct access (read only) to data for applications which support standard SQL data interfaces – no additional MS SQL/Server licenses or fees are required.
  • Support for a self-configuring, time-synchronized RF mesh network and AC powered router / repeaters.
  • Support for continuous (FIFO) logging and GxP-compliant environmental monitoring.

Minimal Training for Maximum Productivity

DT Pro Software is packed with time-saving features like shortcuts to minimize key strokes, intuitive screens and batch functions. Its unmatched reporting capabilities let you pre-define exactly what reports you need, create individual templates, then quickly use the templates to generate the necessary reports. Field calibration is fast and hassle-free. Logger battery life is displayed during programming so you can check it before you use it.

Unique Features, Exceptional Security Help Meet Regulatory Requirements

DT Pro integrates smart security and regulatory capabilities including an audit trail log for all security levels, data encryption, electronic signatures, enhanced password protection and administrative security options. Installation Validation is now easier than ever with new System Configuration Reports. IQ/OQ/PQ Documents and a Validation Manual are also available. These features allow you to achieve FDA 21 CFR Part 11 or GxP compliancy.

DT Pro is designed to help you control your process, your budget, and your time. It has many new features that will make your job easier for validation and process reporting. For starters, the user interface is more graphical and intuitive than other software, allowing for greater understanding, ease-of-use, and efficiency. It also includes simplified report generation, data analysis, and user-definable pass-fail conditions. You can set numerous alarms and email notifications.

DT Pro Software Brochure

DT Pro LAN Server Software Brochure