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DataTrace Data Loggers

Accessories for Internal Can Monitoring

Monitoring the inside of a can is a crucial step for manufacturers to ensure the safety of their products for general consumption. As many manufacturers have developed several packaging configurations, Mesa offers several accessories to place the DataTrace data logger probe in the geometric center of the unit, regardless of the can size.

Adhesive Disk

Most inexpensive solution, works with any MPIII probe length, ideal for general use. Part #124615-501

Metal Internal Retainers

All stainless steel parts, eliminates sanitation concerns, fixed height, works with your existing inventory. Can be applied from the top of the unit. Part #124818-500 (package of 6)

Plastic Internal Retainers

Plastic Standoff, suitable for increased temperatures, more secure placement. Part #124853500 (package of 6)

Plastic Retainer w/ Standoff

Allows the user to position the probe tip into the geometric center of multiple can sizes using only the 1 inch probe tip and appropriate standoff. Part #210278-005 & 001


Available in 4 different sizes to allow for the correct positioning of the logger:
0.51″ – 200155-501
0.75″ – 200155-502
1.61″ – 200155-503
2.40″ – 200155-504


The Thermowell is a data logging system which allows for addition/removal of the logger without breaking the seal of a can or bottle.

Installation Tool

C-11 Can Punch

Punch is used to create the ideal sized hole in can lid to install plastic internal retainers. Part #210279-001

Levered Can Punch

This tool is specifically designed to create an ideally sized hole in the side wall of a can to aid in logger placement. Part #210279-003

Retainer Installer

This tool allows the user to secure the holder in place while installing the internal retainer (124818-500). Part #124960-500 (ideal for use with part numbers 124961-500 & 210601-500).


Awl used for creating an initial hole in can body, for use with Metal Internal Retainer. Part #210279-002

Spanner Wrench

Used to secure standoffs within can/receptacle. Part #200279-002.