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Creped – Barrier Wrap

Reinforced crepe is a technology based on the crepe manufacturing process . The addition of reinforcement binder provides an superior strength and softness compared to classical crepe paper.
Reinforced crepe Barrier wrap is for wrapping medical devices (outer wrap) which can be terminally sterilized by the following methods: stem(121-134⁰C) , ethylene oxide gas and low temperature formaldehyde and irradiation.We recommend that the end user validates the final packaging system as suitable with the intended sterilization process to comply with national and international regulations. .

  • High bacterial barrier performance
  • Made from cellulosic fibers and reinforcement binder
  • Higher strength than classical crepe
  • Superior softness with a special touch
  • Economic alternative to media containing man-made fibers
  • Compatible with all sterilization methods& Process (steam,Eto,irradiation..)
  • Compliance with the ISO 11607 & EN 868 satndards
Single-Use innovations in infection prevention

Because traditional re-usable linen wrap carry no guarantee against infection (think of tears and holes during washing and mending), Medovation Products range are with superior barrier protection-viral,bacterial, particulate and fluid.They significantly reduce the risk of Hospital Acquired Infection(HALs),protecting devices and making life safer for clinicians and patients.

Sterile Barrier Systems

Chapter Main Features Standards Average value Substance ISO 536 60 g/m2 elongation at break MD/DC ISO 1924-2 13/7% Water repellency 868-2 Annex A 23 sec Pore size diameter 868-2 Annex B 5 Micro meter Drap MD/CD 868-2 Annex C 93/148 mm Tensile strength MD/CD ISO 1924-2 3.6/2.3 KN/m Wet tensile strength ISO 3781 1.0/0.6,2.3 KN/m
Product Performance

  • Stronger than standard crepe :
  • +50% in dry strength
  • +20% in wet strength
  • +20% in tear strength
  • +30% in bursting strength
  • Tortuous path with unique structure and binder saturation
  • Orange new color to facilitate hospital color codification
  • Resistant to sharp edges
  • Idal for large and heavy trays
  • Suitable for inner or outer wrap
  • CE marked and labeled with the most stringent tracebility standards

Size Availability

1 SAL028 WRAPPING PAPER 50cm x 50cm 1 x 500
2 SAL029 WRAPPING PAPER 60cm x 60cm 1 x 500
3 SAL030 WRAPPING PAPER 75cm x 75cm 1 x 250
4 SAL031 WRAPPING PAPER 90cm x 90cm 1 x 250
5 SAL032 WRAPPING PAPER 100cm x 100cm 1 x 250
6 SAL033 WRAPPING PAPER 120cm x 120cm 1 x 100
7 SAL034 WRAPPING PAPER 150cm x 150cm 1 x 100
Colour Availability Green Parma Blue