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Steriset Closed Container

Medovation Products is a leading provider of reusable sterilising containers for the hospital.
The steriset-container-system ( Wagner-Gmbh)

SteriSet containers are reusable sterilizing containers made of metal. They are designed to hold operating theater instruments and/or textiles during the vacuum-steam sterilization process and for maintaining sterility during storage and transport under proper hospital conditions.

The double lid design

Besides from the requirement to permit the effective sterili zation of the packaged devices, a sterile packaging system shall provide suitimable protection to avoid the ingress of micro organism and such maintain sterility – once it was reached – until the point of use.SteriSet containers do therefore introduce the „protective lid design“: a unperforated outer lid protects the real biobarriers (perforated fi lter areas or valves) against harmful influence during transport and handling procedures – which might otherwise endanger the safety of maintenance of sterility:
◆ protection against mechanical perforation of the barriers
◆ protection against direct contact of humidity or droplets
◆ protection against dust sedimentation on the barriers during storage and handling (which is important for aseptic presentation).

The ”S”-model

Other than in case of the normal type of SteriSet, where inner- and outer lid are handled as one piece when opening the con tainer, the ”S”-type allows opening in two steps: after opening of the outer, unperforated lid the now exposed, clean inner lid is still sealed to the bottom. This dust free inner lid may now be taken off as a second step without risk to whirl up sedi mented particles and/or contaminate the surrounding atmosphere.

Disposable ”Tamper seals” or ThermoLoc?

Disposable ”Tamper seals” or ThermoLoc? In place of manual sealing using single-use seals, SteriSet containers with ThermoLoc offer automatic sealing by means of temperature effect (sterilisation). Unsealing, opening and resetting can easily be carried out by manually pushing up the red sealing bar into
the closure.

Condensate drain

With every steam sterilisation, physical processes lead to the inevitable formation of condensate, which collects in the container bottom. Closed standard aluminium bottoms allow sufficient reverse vaporisation of the condensate up to a load of approx. 10 kg. For loads above 10 kg or other aggravating circumstances (wet steam, older equipment etc.) we recommend a thermal condensate drain. A thermally controlled valve in the bottom allows the condensate to drain out of the container during sterilisation. The drying ability of the container is considerably improved.

Filters or sterilization valves?

SteriSet containers are available in either the single-use paper filter version or the patented reusable valve version. The SteriSet containers with a valve are automatically controlled by means of a pressure change in the sterilizer and require no additional materials. Nothing can be forgotten (filter change, filter spacing), time and money are saved and waste is reduced.

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