Level 0 Cleaning Indicators for bedpan washers


The gke Clean-Record Level 0 cleaning indicators are used for validation and routine monitoring of bedpan washers and similar applications. Bedpan washers use tap water at elevated temperatures for cleaning. Regionally tap water can contain different ingredients and influence the cleaning process. In addition detergents, rinsing agents and disinfectants are sometimes used as well and may additionally influence the cleaning process. Within the cleaning chamber the spray conditions vary for the following reasons:

  • 1. Less spray impact can be found in different areas.
  • 2. Loads create spray shadows.
  • 3. The interior of bedpans and urine bottles may be difficult to reach and soils may remain


By positioning the indicator at different locations in the chamber or on the instruments to be cleaned the cleaning results of those different locations may be detected. The most difficult location should be selected for routine monitoring. The self-adhesive indicator can be adhered at the most difficult area to be washed-off, e.g. inside a bedpan or urine bottle. gke Clean-Record  Level 0 Cleaning Indicatorsfor bedpan washers

Product Description

Cleaning indicators for bedpans are designed to be completely washed off in water without detergents. However, the water quality, different detergents, disinfectants, flushing added agents and temperature influence the wash-off speed of the real contamination and the indicator. The indicator is self adhesive and can be adhered directly on the bedpans or urine bottles. This test enables the user to check the cleaning efficacy over a long period of time and provides monitoring information for documentation. Temperature stable plastic carriers withstand the cleaning conditions. At the end of the process they can be documented by using the documentation sheet which is added to each package.

Performance Characteristics

The technical specification EN ISO/TS 15883-5 describes 19 test soils with completely different cleaning properties without making any proposal which test soil to use. Currently none of the test soils is recommended as a reference, because there is no test method defined to compare the soil properties. The gke research centre has developed a test equipment (“spray test rig”) to be able to compare real soils, test soils of the standard and the different gke Clean-Record cleaning indicators. Thus the characteristics of the gke indicators can be described for the first time. v has carried out comparative tests using gke -L0-indicators and several test soils, designed to be used in bedpan cleaning processes described in EN ISO 15883-5:

  • 1. Annex C, nigrosine, flour, egg, potato starch *
  • 2. Annex D, nigrosine, flour, egg*
  • 3. Annex H, mucin, bovine albumin, maize starch, lack ink*
  • 4. Annex P, flour, water soluble wallpaper adhesive powder, egg, black ink*

* The test soils are produced according to the standard, on stainless steel discs with 100 µl each coated and dried.

The gke-L0 cleaning indicator is optimized that the impact of the mechanical force with a spray jet shows a similar wash-off characteristic. Also the influence of the cleaning temperature is comparable, so that the best cleaning results can be achieved at 55°C. At lower temperatures up to 20°C or at higher temperatures up to 85°C the cleaning characteristics deteriorate for the test soils as well as for the gkeL0 cleaning indicator.

The gke -L0-cleaning indicator provides absolute comparable requirements of the cleaning process as described in EN ISO 15883-5 . Due to the simple handling the self-adhesive indicator can be adhered at the most critical place in a bedpan. This method allows time-saving and cost-effective routine monitoring by the user.

Benefits of gke Clean-Record®indicators

  •  Use of synthetic test soils on plastic carrier instead of using natural test soils with blood prevent transfer of pathogenic germs and offers long-term stability and long expiry dates.
  •  Permanent economical batch monitoring is, for the first time, possible because of a costeffective production of the indicators.
  •  Easy documentation because of self-adhesive indicators.
  • gke Clean-Record L0 indicators provide constant cleaning characteristics in comparison to natural test soil which may change their cleaning properties during storage time and storage conditions.
  •  The indicator is validated against test soils according to EN ISO/TS 15883-5 with a special spray equipment designed by gke