Iso-Gon, Cleaning Surgical Instruments, Endoscopy Instruments

Multi-tiered enzymatic alkaline detergent specifically designed for use in washer-disinfectors, tunnel washers and cart washers.

Liquizime is a premium detergent that utilizes the power of enzymes in an alkaline solution. With its multi-tiered formulation of enzymes, Liquizime removes all blood, fat, carbohydrates, starches and protein, while its powerful alkaline solution eliminates scale and mineral deposits left from hard water. Liquizime’s unique sequestering and emulsifying ability assures complete cleanliness and free rinsing of surgical carts, trays and washers.


Liquizime contains powerful sequestering and emulsifying agents, assuring complete cleanliness and free rinsing of all surgical carts, trays, plastics, aluminum, glassware and rubber tubing. Liquizime features Ruhof’s synergistic blend of multi-tiered enzymes for the digestion of all bio-burden on surgical carts and trays. Liquizime is excellent for eliminating scale and mineral deposits caused by hard water.

  • One-step cleaning and scale prevention
  • Liquizime is alkaline (pH 9 to 10) yet does not require a neutralizer.
  • Bio-degradable
  • Extremely fast wetting and odorless, while maintaining high detergency and cleaning performance in hard, soft, cold and hot water
  • Instantly and constantly active (sequestering)
  • Free Rinsing, Liquizime leaves no residue or pyrogens