Iso-Gon®, Cleaning Surgical Instruments, Endoscopy Instruments

Mildly acidic detergent specifically designed for use in cart washers, washer-disinfectors, and tunnel washers..

ISO-GON®’s unique sequestering, chelating, and emulsifying ability assures complete cleanliness and free rinsing of surgical carts, trays and washers.ISO-GON® contains powerful sequestering, chelating, and emulsifying agents, assuring complete cleanliness and free rinsing of all surgical carts, trays, plastics, aluminum,glassware and rubber tubing. ISO-GON® is excellent for eliminating scale and mineral deposits caused by hard water.


  • One-step cleaning and scale prevention
  • ISO-GON® is mildly acidic (pH 5-5.5) yet does not require a neutralizer.
  • Bio-degradable
  • Extremely fast wetting, while maintaining high detergency and cleaning performance in hard, soft, cold and hot wate
  • Instantly and constantly active (sequestering)
  • Free Rinsing, ISO-GON® leaves no residue or pyrogens