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Labels for printers


Instruments and other products to be sterilized in hospitals and clinics are wrapped before sterilization in containers that are made of metal, foil, nonwoven or paper material. The goods have to be labelled on the outside for logistic information, containing content, sterilization and expiry date. Modern workstations are equipped with computers and printers so that documentation labels with process indicators can be labelled with any commercial printer after completion of each packing process. The labels are double self-adhesive. Therefore they can be used for documentation e.g. to be registered in a patient‘s data or operation book.

Product Description

The labels are available with different components:

  • 1. Single or double self-adhesive (two or three layers)
  • 2. With process indicator for steam, formaldehyde and hydrogen peroxide sterilization processes.
  • 3. Endless labels with 7 cm width for printers with cutting device or perforated single labels.
  • 4. Different splits that allow the label to be separated in different parts.
  • 5. Perforated single labels with 60 or 80 mm widths.
  • 6. Single labels with 35 or 48 mm heights.
  • 7. Roll with 3“ core and 750, 800 or 1.800 single labels.
  • 8. Perforated single labels (56 x 102 mm) with three indicator dots and separation possibility in three labels by using the Getinge-T-Doc– documentation system.

All gke labels are produced on rolls with 3” cores (76 mm) with an outside wrapping and the inside diameter can be reduced by using an insert to 2” (58 mm) or 1” (25,4 mm). Details see table.

Performance Characteristics

All gke documentation labels contain a class 1 process indicator according to EN ISO 11140-1 for the selected process used and have been tested in the application laboratory. The adhesive properties are specially designed to adhere on different surfaces, also in steam sterilization processes e. g. non-woven, cotton, plastic pouches.


  • • Rolls are delivered on a 3“ cores and can be reduced to 2” or 1” by an insert
  • • Available with 60 mm or 80 mm width and label height 35 mm or 48 mm.
  • • Perforated lines allows for easy separation of single labels.
  • • Due to design features the printer recognizes the beginning of the next label.
  • • The labels are double self-adhesive and can be taken off after the sterilization process and inserted in the patient documentation.
  • • Labels available with split so that the label can be separated.
  • • The label contains a process indicator according to EN ISO 11140-1 class 1 and has been tested in the application laboratory.
  • • Glue characteristics have been tested on paper, metal, non-woven material, textiles, plastic. The glue is optimized for steam sterilization processes.

Order Information

All endless and single labels of various sizes are available on roll with 3” core that can be reduced to 2” or 1” by using an insert.