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Container Seals for steam sterilization processes

Product description

The gke Steri-Record® Container Seal is a selfadhesive label with a dimension of 7 x 2,9 cm with a pin of 7,5 cm length. The label area provides the space for production and expiry date, batch number, initials of the person responsible releasing the load and the container content. Alternatively the same information may be printed by a hand labeller and the label adhered on the seal. The seal contains a steam process indicator according to EN ISO 11140-1 class 1 to provide logistic information if the container has passed a sterilization process.


The product is used to seal instrument containers to prevent accidental use of the contents if the container has been tampered with or opened by mistake or has not been sterilized. The pin is inserted into the Container Seal construction and the end of the pin is adhered between the folded label.


  • • Time and cost saving by the combination of container seal, indicator and data-label in one product.
  • • Environmentally friendly disposal compared to plastic seals.
  • • Compatible with gke Steri-Record® selfadhesive labels for patient related documentation.
  • • Cost effective using innovative design and manufacturing processes.
  • • All gke chemical indicators are protected from bleeding by a polymer binder and surface coating and can be disposed with normal garbage.
  • • The indicator colour chemistry is a non-reversible chemical reaction. The indicator strip can be documented colour-proof for several years without changing back.

Order information

Art.-No. Article-Code Content Application
211-362 Chemo-D-P-3-7 128 seals on 42 pages of 24 pcs Sealing sterilization containers