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Eletronic dry bath incubator


This electronic dry bath incubator is used to incubate gke Steri-Record® self-contained biological indicators (SCBIs) and gke Steri-Record®StearoAmpoules. SCBIs are used to test steam-, ethylene oxide-, formaldehyde- and hydrogen peroxide/ plasma sterilization processes. gke StearoAmpoules are used to test liquid sterilization procedures. After the incubation period the colour of the pHindicator shows the result of the media. An external microbiological laboratory is not needed. Therefore, the results are available much faster.

Product Description

The incubator is available in four versions for different temperatures. All incubators contain an aluminium block to incubate SCBIs. An aluminium block suitable for Stearo-Ampoules (art.-no. 610-114) is available separately. The incubation temperature is visible in the LCD-display. Art.-No. 610-119, model I-37-AB-MBPIncubation temperature: 37°C, to incubate B. atrophaeus biological indicatorsArt.-No. 610-120, model I-57-AB-MBPIncubation temperature: 57°C, to incubate G. stearothermophilus biological indicators

Art.-No. 610-121, model I-V-AB-MBP Variable incubation temperature, to incubate to incubate B. atrophaeus and G. stearothermophilusbiological indicators Art.-No. 610-122, model I-V-T-AB-MBPVariable incubation temperature, see Art.-No. 610-121, however incubation time programmable. After the time is elapsed the incubator provides an acoustic and visual signal. The countdown is only running, when temperature is equivalent to the setting. So even during electrical power outages, a correct incubation time is warranted. Temperature and remaining incubation time is visible on the LCDdisplay. The aluminium block is covered with a transparent lid with the advantage that the colour change of SCBIs and stearo ampoules can be observed without taking out the biological indicators.Before the SCBIs are incubated they need to be activated by crushing the glass ampoule inside the SCBI. The crusher is integrated in the aluminium block of the incubator.The incubator is running at 12 V DC and can be used in all laboratories. A separate power supply with variable voltage input 100 – 240 V AC is enclosed with each incubator.


  •  The dry bath incubator does not require water circulation and therefore needs no cleaning.
  •  The incubator can be used with all local voltages.
  •  Low voltage allows operation in all laboratories.
  •  Colour change of BI can be observed through a transparent lid without taking the biological indicators out of the incubator.
  •  Separate aluminium blocks are available for SCBIs or stearo ampoules.
  •  LCD display allows actual temperature control during the incubation.
  •  High electronic control provides excellent temperature stability.
  •  Crusher for SCBIs is integrated in the aluminium block.
  •  Free temperature selection can be programmed with Art.-No. 610-121 and 610-122.
  •  Incubation time can be programmed with Art.-No. 610-122.  If there is a power failure the programmed incubation time is still obtained.

Order Information